Health blog

Date: 07/28/21.
Changes: Lo Loestrin Fe to Tri Sprintec.
Struggles: Anxiety, insomnia.

I have given up on Medicare, Part D, for my birth control. They want me to have taken ten other types before, so I just asked my doctor to give me a new prescription. Going on Tri Sprintec means I go from 20 mcg of Estrogen to 35 mcg, but it seems to be the closest common and easy to get birth control for me right now. The Medicare team approved it immediately. I should specify that my Part D is being managed by United Healthcare, and so far, they've sucked and don't want to cover anything. Oh, well. I have read there is some pros for getting onto Tri Sprintec, including acne and weight management. My period on the Lo Loestrin Fe was always only four days, but they have less inactive pills than more brands.. so it may be better for me long term, but I'll likely have a real period again. We shall see. Once I get the meds in a few days, we have the week where I'm not safe and then we'll see how my first period goes. I do plan on giving it at least two months before bitching to the doctors, but I do hope it just works okay for me as this seems to be the cheapest (4 bucks a month) and easiest for me to get.

Date: 07/23/21.
Changes: Mirtazapine doubled from 15mg to 30mg.
Struggles: Nightmares, lethargy, anhedonia.

I am still fighting with medicare over one thing; my fucking birth control. I hope the new package gets here soon, as falling off of them and getting back on sucks. I spoke to my psychiatrist again, and since the Mirtazapine wasn't doing anything, good or bad, we decided to double them. This is likely why I slept that night for my sleep study. I wrote about it, so feel free to take a peek if you're interested. Besides all of that, I just wish I didn't feel tired all of the time and when I was awake had any drive to do something. I'm on my period right now, so I'm sensitive emotionally and just physically weak, so that doesn't help. I've been writing often lately just to get the junk out of my head. I did just get 4 oz of four types of dabs in the mail, so that'll definitely help! Oh, and I'm down to 199 lbs., woo!

Date: 07/20/21.
Changes: N/A.
Struggles: Nightmares, sadness.

The move is done, I'm done fighting with the post office, medicaid, and medicare. Tomorrow I have a psychiatrist appointment (and I must ask him for contact information!) and also what to do about the fact I don't think this Mirtazapine is working like the Quetiapine ER. The extended release was the only thing that helped for my anxiety and depression throughout the day, and I don't want to be constantly on Lorazepam. After my appointment, I have a sleep study later that night; I do plan on updating here after all of this done, but I also want to write an article about the sleep study alone. We'll see how that goes.

Date: 06/20/21.
Changes: N/A.
Struggles: Tiredness, headaches.

The move really put a hold on things; I am just catching up on feeling like life is normal again. Lots of phone calls when I moved; updating addresses, disability, etc. And then I got onto Medicare, and had to get a new therapist and psychiatrist, as well as switch from Quetiapine ER 400 mg to Quetiapine 400 mg, which means the extended release and the daily depression assistance I had with the med is gone. To make up for it, my psychiatrist put me onto Mirtazapine 15 mg, which, so far, like all anti-depression/anti-anxiety meds, I am experiencing headaches and feeling sick at night a few hours before I take my medications.

I am also attending a weekly digital therapy group on Tuesday, meant for those with depression & anxiety, and receiving support. Besides the fact it's at 11am, I do enjoy it and am glad I joined. I haven't had my real first appointment with my therapist yet, and I'll be getting to know him again, so I've been kind of support-less during this time. Moving into a nicer neighborhood with my own room has helped, and Vegeta says my mood has improved immensely since we moved. Well, that's good. I try to be less miserable for him. I also have a sleep study coming up, and I was thinking about writing a page about that.