🌊 Welcome 🌸

Hi, welcome to the Bulma blog! This site came to origin due to my need for personal logs, writing some articles, and then wanting a place to just store random content like the old days. I hope you enjoy your stay, and drink some fucking water.


10.21.21 The roleplay log was changed to the hobbies log, and was edited somewhat.

08.22.21 Online Dating, an article I wrote, is up.

07.23.21 I did a sleep study, so I wrote about it! I've also been working on the future Online Dating entry.

07.10.21 I am changing around things a bit; I'm not updating the roleplay log as much, so I replaced it in the menu with logs, where I've also added the health page. Life has been hectic lately.

05.28.21 I am back! My friend has gotten back into Worlds.com so I signed up, and managed to snag the user buruma there. I have no idea what I am doing. I want to look cool with a cool avatar. Regardless, there's now a page for Worlds stuff.

04.26.21 I've been adding content to the site; and unless I change anything else layout wise, I won't be updating here until I'm finished the filling in content stage. Neocities people, if you read this; is there somewhere on the site to find people who wanna chat through NC or anything?

04.23.21 Updated the layout a bunch, got the basic pages down. Now, to start filling them out. I also made a favicon set, set uo the guestbook, and created some graphics for future use. I also need to make some graphics (88x31, right?).

04.22.21 Just started this! It's very simple & plain now, but I'll keep adding to it over time. None of the pages work yet, sorry! I'll be slowly working on those as time goes on. I wanted to start a roleplay blog and found none of the current platforms I used were fitting for it, so I decided to use Neocities. My usual webdesign projects are very detailed & complex, so I aim to keep this site simple. This will be kept separate from everything else I have online.