Roleplay blog

Date: 08/22/21.
Currently alright.
Wanting to keep busy.

I got roleplay last night from 'geta, yay! It was nice to do so again, although he actually had feedback for me for once. Good feedback; I was only reacting to his posts. In my defense, I was trying to keep my posts shorter, and it's hard to write short posts when you're both initiating a lot and reacing. I improved, obviously. Otherwise, I've been back on Chatango here and there to small chat and say hi; no one really roleplays there, but there are roleplayers present on the site and I did do some roleplaying there myself. It's also where I met 'geta. (I had a room for almost two years.) Anyway, I made some minor edits and fixes to some profiles on my current site, and also set up some simple cute profiles for 'geta and I on Chatango since the sites' accessibility has changed and old 'minis' (mini profiles) can't be seen anymore.

Date: 08/14/21.
Currently irritated.
Wanting to chill.

Nah, I'm a big dumb liar who doesn't actually want to roleplay. Well, maybe not necessarily that harsh.. I've been going through a few weeks of being sick and going through turmoil in society. I haven't been chatting on the site at all except to say hi to a few people in DMs, and just been idling, as usual. My loudmouth spoiled a bunch of people about The Suicide Squad and got us banned from the main chat, then we were banned from the main site. I had to appeal. I told 'geta to not get all angry and defensive when the site owner confronts him or whatever, because it seems like we just talk through things with appeals. Ah, well. I'd love some roleplay from my monkey too, but he says every time I bring it up I ruin the likelyhood of it.. then he doesn't offer it when I don't mention it. Oh, well. It makes me sad.

Date: 07/23/21.
Currently restless.
Wanting this rp to work out!

I'm still hanging out in the anime-based room I found. I did, however, get a DM from a thicc version of a canon character who knows and gets along with one of my canon characters (my secret Fate/) alt. She didn't give me much to work with and seems to be a slow poster, but I think I'm going to give it a try and roleplay with her and see if it leads to smut. I've never just smutted with someone I don't know really, but I have permission as long as it's a girl and I doubt this writer is going to want an out of character relationship at all. Her profile is way too non-serious. Okay, okay, it's my version of Arturia as Rhongomyniad and a thicc Rin Tohsaka. My favorite Servant & Master team, really.

Date: 07/20/21.
Currently restless.
Wanting this room to be a good fit.

I found a new room to be on the site; it's an anime based one, and everyone was very friendly. When I entered, a mod greeted me. When I DMed the owner about a few things, she answered my questions. A young Gohan and I chatted a bit. People in the room actually said hi and bye to me, and made small talk with me. So, I hope this is my new home on this site. I've been kind of losing faith. Today, I fixed up some of my RPC profiles in general. I've been using the Buu saga Vegeta & Bulma layouts lately, been a month, so I may change soon. I'll see how this room goes first.

Date: 07/16/21.
Currently tired.
Wanting a new partner with chemistry.

I had someone message me on another name name, and say they wished to roleplay with me; unfortunately, they write original characters and I write canons. No go there. He, luckily, didn't want romance.. but, it was also obvious he hadn't read my profiles. He didn't know who I was and all of my non-secret profiles say my main, who I am, and link to a collective page where all my characters are listed. I have one secret alt due to their fandom being shit. Regardless, a girl messaged me on that secret alt, for smut likely, and I threw a post back out of curiosity. (Maybe a girl? I'm only allowed to write with actual girls, fiance's request. I can't blame him, I get attached easily through roleplay.) I stopped that Future Bulma & Gohan roleplay, as I was just not compatible with the writer. And the Tarzan, roleplay? Well, that depends on someone very flakey..

Date: 06/20/21.
Currently busy.
Wanting a new keyboard.

Well, shit. My keyboard got damaged in my move; the left shift only works on the left side, so I have to hit it hard. Anyway, it's been a while, and I can say now that I'm settled into my new location. I actually closed the Dragon Ball room I had going. No one was interested in keeping it alive, and there was only a few people that ever spoke in there including me. This is definitely the shortest I've ever ran a group, but the site is difficult to keep a group running on and as the people mattered assured me, I definitely tried and it wasn't my fault it failed. Anyway, my one negative Nancy I had from the group was very upset and DMed me to let me know; he sure liked to complain about the room, but was very upset I closed it (as there isn't anywhere else that really wants him and he's banned from multiple rooms), and I just explained myself and that was that. I've been pretty quiet on the site since, although I did update some small HTML things on my layout last night. I also am replying to the Future Bulma & Gohan roleplay I'm currently doing. Obviously, it hasn't gone far.

Date: 06/06/21.
Currently alright.
Wanting more time.

I have been busy lately, offline, mostly to do with him having time off and our move coming up soon. The room has echoed that; mods are on vacation, people are always afk, but the site as a whole is showing that so I don't think it's an indicator of anything. I have done a few "calls to action" in the DM mod group, and may do one more in a while and then boot the inactive mods. A regular who really likes to gripe about everything came at me about mod inactivity, so I explained to him that I had my reason for modding each person, I am aware they're inactive and also don't care since the mod activity is enough due to me and a few others, unmodding someone is very stressful, etc. We'll just see how things go.

Date: 05/28/21.
Currently tired.
Wanting to have more energy.

I kind of disappeared from the internet entirely for two weeks, I was just sick af. Due to my absence, the event in the room did not happen. No one showed. The room has definitely been more quiet, and I got back online for the firs time yesterday. It was weird to get back online, it was like I had forgotten how to internets. Nonetheless, I roleplayed with one of my mods in another room and then our room when that one got too busy and had some fun. I plan on trying to roleplay Future Bulma with her Future Gohan, and I have never gotten to write that, so I am excited! I also designed some new profiles and whatnot. Otherwise, I am getting back into my regular routines, internet and offline, but still don't feel the best. My Vegeta also is now looking for a new job, and we started a new roleplay together - he's really into AUs I normally wouldn't try, but hey, how could Vegeta & Bulma not fit into Tarzan well? Wonder who will be the hunter.

Date: 05/13/21.
Currently high af.
Wanting to write.

I've been in the room pretty much every night, although I have been quite sick lately. It was a mixture of things, but now I'm at the tail end of them all. I also had been without weed, and that is now fixed. I spoke to one of my mods about his activity, and he wishes to play a big bad to mix things up in the room. Roleplay about fighting is my weakness, so I'm glad he offered. I'll set up some information for the event that'll start next Friday, the basics, and then start advertising it. Besides that, I have been roleplaying in chat. I am not as nervous about it now, but it does help the room is quiet at night.

As usual, I am an owner of a room where they are ignored by half of the people there. It happens to me because I just avoid cliques entirely, and then also tend to open a group within not too long of joining a new social site. Obviously, I don't know who has drama with who or anything like that, yet. In general, it's easy to tell without help.

Date: 05/07/21.
Currently realizing the internet never truly changes.
Wanting to feel normal again.

One of my friends from Chatango mentioned he had been using KIK to roleplay; this immediately caught my attention, because nani the fuck? He had told me I would need to have an account a few days old, so I filled out my basic KIK stuff for roleplay and waited three days. I joined three random groups I found by searching "roleplay" and "anime".

The first one had a ton of rules to read, and things I had to say to get the bots' acknowledgment, so that's what I did. I'm still in that one group. Someone actually said hi to me. The second one, while I was reading the rules and multi-tasking, I was manually kicked by someone for specifically not talking in five minutes. The third one, I left because it required full character sheets, being active at least every three days, and a bunch of other ridiculous requirements. I doubt these people even write that well. Isn't the internet weird?

The room is quiet, again. A few people I would like to come back haven't been around, so I hope they are just busy and not tired of the room. I've been told just like other places, people on the site go to wherever the activity is rather than trying to create it. Typical.

Date: 05/06/21.
Currently hating the nocturnal schedule.
Wanting to feel normal again.

It's been quiet. I've been sick; it's been about a week and a half since I got the Johnson & Johnson, but I'm feeling better. I think I'm also over my birthday blues. I've been sleeping a lot. I'm supposed to be talking to people online every night, but my tolerance for anything has been way low so I've been anti-social. Apparently, changing that tonight, as I am sitting here on the PC. Said hi in the room (which is quiet, since it's the middle of the night, ungh), said hi on Chatango, checking up on my Discord things.

I've been roleplaying here and there in the room, a little bit. Been trying to, anyway. The room has been super quiet, as well as my mods. It's hard to enforce or give my mods shit when everyone is super quiet on the site in general, however. The previous room I was in, to idle, was dead and now is active again. I'm not active enough to seek out activity, so I'll just hang with my little room a bit longer and see what happens.

Date: 04/28/21.
Currently wishing it wasn't my birthday.
Wanting some normality on my birthday.

So, let's talk about something I like to bitch about but is always a touchy subject because of the people who write them.. original characters. I always play canons. Always. I just don't have any interest in original characters. I can create them, but then I'm bored of them before I even write them. Habits die hard. 🤷‍♀️ There's several patterns that have occurred, I've noticed, over the years of watching original characters write with others and then my experiences trying to write with them.

1) They have an original character that is REALLY set into the world already. These are usually based on DBSH/Xenoverse, Fighterz, etc. Most of them are strong fighters. This also means they have interactions already set up with major canons (such as my Bulma), and this is either just written into the history or maybe they did actually roleplay some of it out. The problem is, as a Bulma with one of these OCs, I am always compared to the Bulma in that OC's back story. It's annoying. I take great pride in my canons and write them as well as I can, while also being entertaining and realistic with growth.

2) They're absolutely not set lore wise at all, and thus they're going after any canon characters they can to self-insert (okay, maybe that's just me being snarky about OCs, but..) or give themselves background that makes their OC more credible, thus more likely to get good roleplay. I do understand the life of an OC writer is not easy, but I freel that's due to the history of awful OCs. These people tend to be a bit too needy.

3) The least common, thankfully, is the OC that is looking for one or two canon characters to really hang off of and write/socialize with as much as possible, to the point of annoyance, especially if you don't like their character to begin with or you aren't into that muse, or whatever. This used to be way more common in earlier roleplay days, like early 00s.

Well, I got on a good drug cocktail and now I am getting roleplay from my prince for my birthday, so that's nice. I've been trying to connect with some people I actually care about from site and Chatango. Well, happy birthday to me.~ The room's also been quiet, so even if I drop in and say hi and try to do a short action, there isn't much going on. People are busy, apparently.

Date: 04/24/21.
Currently both relieved & disappointed about lack of activity this night.
Wanting to stop being so damn awkward about things.

I'm not used to asking girls who roleplay girls for roleplay. I guess it's because we get roleplay thrown at us by every dude on a site, and usually don't have trouble finding roleplay. I wanted to roleplay with this 18, though, and finally DMed her tonight asking her about some small talk in the chat. She said yes, she'd like to roleplay some slice-of-life and other stuff, which is great, as I never get to roleplay that type of thing.. especially not with girls roleplaying girls.

I do get offers from guys roleplaying girls, but you can always tell. There's been some other girl characters popping up in chat, but I know most of them are guys and the ones that are actually girls are usually quiet. Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to inspire activity in rooms on the site; it just seems to be the type of crowd. People idle on users to show them off more than actually use them, but will engage in chat if something interests them or one of their friends is being active.

It doesn't help that I'm nocturnal. I get on about 10pm my time, 7pm earliest for some folk, and most people who are also on at night are like me, and multi-task quite often. We've had chatter every night, and that's pretty good considering we don't have that many around at night. I can't really see how the room is doing during the day, as there's only so many lines that remain in chat before they disappear. The guys, my mods, say there's activity during the day, so I'll believe them. The promise I made to myself this time, before starting the group (as I always do, since sometimes running roleplay groups is masochistic), was to trust my mods more and be less hands on. So far, it's been okay, and seems to be working okay. This site is just more serious about roleplay and are less likely to troll, so that helps.

Date: 04/23/21.
Currently planning on what to do this weekend.
Wanting good smut, more activity in the room.

I haven't been actually roleplaying as of late, but I have been trying to at least pop into the room every night to say hi and small chat a bit. With Friday night coming up, I am making a goal of actually roleplaying for a few hours while doing things online (like work on my Neocities!). My partner hasn't been writing with me much, but he said he would, and I'd love to write some decent smut again.~

Since I haven't had the energy lately to roleplay, I haven't done any planning for the room, but I am going to start making up event details for a ball/party, and have that ready before even deciding when it is. I have been watching DBSH and playing Xenoverse, so there's that.

Date: 04/22/21.
Currently content with progress made on Neocities.
Wanting to set up a party/ball event, and group roleplay more.

I've been roleplaying for a long ass time. I want to say it's been from the first day I was online, due to the types of rooms and sites I was drawn to. (My first username was Rinoa904, so guess who I first roleplayed?) I've always been way more into canon characters than originals. I moved from.. MSN chat, to AIM chat, to Yahoo chat, to, to Dreamwidth, to Chatango, and now the current site I use, which will always just be referred to as site. I want to be able to write what I want without getting into trouble, of course.

I didn't always use a non-roleplay alias (Bulma is not my main alias, I am not listing it on this blog for privacy), but when I did, I'd keep the same alias for a long time and really roleplay the shit out of that character. It's kind of still like that; I have a muse I really like, a few I may be playing, and then my old favorites that come back around. This blog, however, is going to be more about the politics of roleplay rooms, running them, and dynamics of people on roleplay websites. I've pretty much always owned a group on any roleplay/chat site I've been on, and I've definitely learned a lot over the ages about how to deal with the people on these sites and how to run a roleplay group and not lose my mind.

I had just closed a site in January on Chatango, that had been going for almost two years. It was supposed to be a roleplay room, but on Chatango, no one really wants to roleplay (unless it's smut), and if they do "roleplay", they like actually just cyber or write a few sentences because they're not really writers, they're just hornballs on a chat site. In December, I had moved to the new site to check things out, and I idled for a few months before opening up my own room. It's Dragon Ball related, and this is why I am Bulma.~ (I actually met my Vegeta on Chatango and now we're together, so there's that.)

I deal with a lot of anxieties on roleplay sites, and being in groups is one of them. I get overwhelmed by replies, worry about leaving people out, worry about misreading/missing something.. etcetera. My current goal is to get more comfortable with doing it, which I will have to do by just roleplaying in the room (and don't get me wrong, people on this site actually want to roleplay, and are much less judgy than other sites I've been on). I was thinking of hosting an event that was more to do with a party/ball than a tournament, but I've had a lot going on lately (sickness, starting this blog, my Tamagotchi On)! I'll update tomorrow, I am going to get off the PC for the rest of the night, and I need to finish this series of missions in Xenoverse, that I had to stop since I closed the app, thinking my fiance would want to use it when he got home. That only took about half an hour, ah well. I am currently playing Xenoverse and watching Dragon Ball Super Heroes to learn more about the series and be a better owner for the room!