My Sleep Study

This is just a quick write up of the experience for anyone curious. To see the images larger, right click and open in new tab.

On July 22nd, 2021, I had a sleep study. I arrived at the hospital at 8pm, and had to phone a certain number to be told which suite to go to. Upon arriving at the suite, I immediately had my temperature checked and was shown to my room. Room 2. As I was putting my things out, the technician explained to me what she was going to be hooking me up later and how things worked. She got my information and left me to get ready for bed, which meant I got in my pajamas and read for two hours while I waited for her to come back.

The room was essentially a hotel room; it was a queen bed, had the awful typical hospital pillows and blankets, and then there was a tv along with a moving desk and chair nearby. The washroom was large and had a walk in/wall-less shower like you usually see in hospitals. Since I was being watched from a dome in the ceiling, I only had privacy in the washroom.

I took my sleeping meds at 10pm and she came back at 10:30pm and apologized for being late. Supposedly through the night, depending on when the doctor came in and checked numbers, she mentioned several times I may have to do a CPAP. I don’t have sleep apnea, that we know of, and I guess the doctor agreed as they never woke me up to put on the mask.

At 10:30pm, the technician began to wire me. Each set of wires monitored something different. I had one on my forehead to talk to the two behind my ears (brain waves), ones on the side of my eyelids (eye movement), two little plastic things in my nostrils (breathing), two on my jaw (grinding teeth), a belt around my chest and stomach (breathing and heartrate), and then two below each knee (restless legs).

At 11pm, she shut off the lights and then I did calibrations. Things like moving my eyes side to side, tapping my feet, grinding my teeth, etc. I was told to yell if I needed to get up for the washroom or needed to get out of bed. Luckily, this didn’t happen, despite my common urinating, because I planned my water throughout the day. The cords weren’t that difficult to sleep in, and I am a side sleeper that puts a pillow between their legs and then holds a pillow to their chest.

At 6 am (I actually slept! I did a lot that day before hand and also had a doubling in one of my medications), the intercom went off for my technician to come in and unwire me before her shift ended. She had to use alcohol on several spots to get the pads off, but the whole thing was fairly painless. The only thing that sucks is I somehow lost my toothpaste, ah well.

Written on 07.23.21.

Apparently my sleep study revealed.. nothing. I have no sleep apnea, no clenching my jaw, no kicking my legs, etc. I snore apparently, which makes sense as I gained weight and should go away with time. The dude said that I may have another sleep study again, and I replied to that with I slept oddly well that night which was unfair, and he found that funny.

Updated on 08.19.21.