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05.31.21 Rime recommended I try the Chat Deck area, so I did. The majority of the map lagged something fierce, especially the Pods areas.

This was in the socializing area and it was just way too creepy to not take a picture of.

This is a meeting room in the Worlds area, maybe where staff host events?

This was in the Music Pod area.

This was the main map of the Sky Pod socializing area.

This was in the Sadness and Glee Pod, and was after a small entry room to get into the Sadness area.

05.29.21 Last night, Rime & I played for a brief time together. The UI makes it hard to follow each other, and lag, but y'know. He took me to Animal House to show me the avatar gallery, and then we went through the house until I had to go and he should likely have gone due to a storm in his area.

This is an important screenshot, as it was literally saved in MS Paint and was my first screenshot. The house did genuinely have a weird vibe sometimes, and there was good usage of the music included with the game. That username is just so good, too.

I really liked these washrooms. Reminded me of Goldeneye 007, and then of course, you go into the stalls and fall into the flesh tunnels.

These flesh tunnel weird things under the House took a good majority of our time, and had some weird room connection setup where you warped around. Rime mentioned attempting to make a map.